Legends and Monsters

Frankenstein - Lurch Cycle

ManBoar Centaur

The Black Shuck -
The Black Shuck is a cryptid, an omen of death. In English Folklore, it is described as a giant dog with one flaming eye. “his houl makes the hearers, blood run cold, his footfalls make no sound.”

Swamp Monster

Sam streed isolated creatures sktch

sketches of more monster concepts

Sam streed deep 4
Sam streed villagetree
Sam streed key004
Sam streed the lock keepers
Legends and Monsters

This is a collection of monsters, cryptids, and legends that I modeled rigged and animated.
I will keep adding to the collection.

More artwork
Sam streed wadl3232 ver001aSam streed fox ver001Sam streed screen shot 2017 07 11 at 9 30 59 pm